The DO’S and DON’TS helping someone dress shop

Helping your loved one say yes to the dress!

Dress shopping can be extremely overwhelming for the bride, so it is important that she gets plenty of support from loved ones when searching for the perfect gown. We have seen far to many brides cry in the dressing room from a loved ones comment. Many times people will think they are being helpful not realizing that their opinions can be hurtful and negative to the bride. Here are some tips to remember when going dress shopping with the bride in order to make it a pleasant experience for everyone.


Ask the bride what she is looking for. Know her everyday style, have an idea of the look she is going for, her budget (if she is comfortable sharing), and the feel of her wedding that way you can be an extra eye when selecting gowns to try on. Remember, brides change their mind all the time so don’t be surprised if she is looking for a vintage lace mermaid and ends up in a ballgown.

Don’t be distracted. This is an exciting experience, be there and be present don’t be distracted by your phone, the adorable baby, or gossip from the night before. When she comes out in a gown all eyes and focus should be on her.

Pay attention to the brides expressions. Give the bride a second to come out of the dressing room and take it in before expressing your comments let her give some thoughts, after all she will be the one wearing the gown. If she comes out smiling and expressing how much she loves the gown that is a sign not to pick it apart, try to envision the gown on the wedding day. If you don’t like the gown at this point there are three options: don’t say anything and go along with it because she will be gorgeous in anything, as long as she loves it that is all that matters. Second, maybe express that you like the other gown better give her the reasons without being negative toward her or the gown. Example: This gown is really pretty on you, I just love how the last gown hugged your curves perfectly. Lastly, let’s keep looking just to make sure there is nothing better or you should sleep on it and come back to try it on again (as long as the bride has enough time to get the gown in).

Be positive. Trying on gowns can get uncomfortable for the bride since the gowns are most likely not going to fit perfectly. The gowns are sample sizes so she may need to be clipped because the gown is to big or to small. Keep in mind once the gown fits perfectly it will look a million times better! Try to steer away from negative phrases like “you have back fat in that gown.” Brides are wanting your honest opinion but putting her down is not the best way. If you don’t care for the gown, keep it simple. Example: “let’s see some more dresses,” “I like the other one better,” “I think the other gown is more flattering,” or “it’s not my favorite.” Don’t ever tell a bride she looks fat.

The hard to read brides. Some brides just don’t express themselves and are mainly concerned with what everyone else thinks. If that is how your loved one is, just remember to stay positive and help her eliminate to make sure she picks a dress that she will feel amazing in.

Dealing with a “negative Nancy” in the group. If there is someone in the group that is doing all the things a supportive guest shouldn’t be doing, pull the bride aside (or contact her later) let her know she can’t make a wrong choice as long as she feels amazing in it. Maybe even suggest to go back to the shop without the negative energy.

Trust your consultant. These girls have seen every gown on in the store and know the inventory. Let them do their job to help your loved one find the perfect gown, so you can sit back and enjoy the experience with the bride.