Part 4: Frequently Asked Questions

FINDING THE PERFECT GOWN FOR YOU: Tips for making the most of your bridal gown shopping

Part 4: Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I need an appointment to look at wedding gowns? Yes, to ensure you have a consultant available to help you and a space to try on. Most salons will try their best to accommodate if you are a walk-in, however it might not always be possible depending on how booked up the salon is.

2. Are children allowed? At Simply Elegant bridal we love children, however we kindly ask you to leave the little ones at home for the comfort of other appointments and the safety of your child. Children can be distracting for the bride taking away from her experience, and most salons are not child proof. If you need to bring them along we just ask that you watch them and maybe even bring an iPad or books to distract them.

3. How many people can I bring with me? This depends on how big the salon is. Simply Elegant Bridal recommends limiting your guest to 5 or less. We can accommodate up to 8 (this just needs to be known when booking the appointment). Also, if you are wanting to bring a large group we suggest upgrading your appointment for a fee to a Platinum Appointment. This will allow more time for the appointment, more space, plus food and drinks.

4. Can I bring my own champagne? This depends on the salon, space, and time. Ask at the time of booking.

5. What do I need to bring for my appointment? Wear proper undergarments for trying on, a nude or light colored full coverage pantie is best since you will have someone helping you into the gowns. A strapless bra if you have one, and shoes that are your desired height for your big day.

6. Can we take pictures? Simply Elegant Bridal allows some pictures of your favorite styles. This will very from salon to salon, ask your bridal consultant.

7. How long does it take for dresses to come in? Wedding gowns can take anywhere from 4-8 months to come in depending on the designer. Rush options are available for an additional fee.

8. What are the sample sizes? Are there plus size options? On average sample sizes will be 8-14. Any gown can be ordered in a plus size for a fee. Simply Elegant Bridal does have some plus size samples to try on. This will vary at different salons, double check at the time of booking.

9. Can I customize my gown? Yes, some designers will allow changes and modifications to the gown for an additional charge. The only issue is you do not see it until it comes in, so make sure you can envision what it will look like. Modifications can also be done during alterations. Make sure to communicate what you would like done with your consultant so she can help you figure out the best way to have it done (if it can be done), and pricing.

10. Alterations? It is important to find out if the salon offers alterations or not. Almost every bride needs them done. On average these can range from $100-$600. Simply Elegant Bridal has three fantastic seamstresses that you can use if your gown was purchased there. The seamstresses like the have 6-8 weeks to alter your gown.

11. What do I need to order? Once you are ready to order your gown check to see what the store policy is whether there is a deposit or if you pay in full. Simply Elegant requires a deposit of 60% down. Also, be prepared for measurements to be taken. Remember bridal runs small so don’t stress out about the number. Have an idea of your heel height at the time of ordering incase you need a hollow to hem measurement, this will determine the length of the gown.

12. What if my wedding gets cancelled? There are no returns, exchanges, or refunds. Most brides will pick up their gown and save it to wear at a later time or sell it.

13. What if I don’t like my wedding gown anymore? If your having second thoughts, we suggest coming back in and trying it on again. Sometimes brides forget the feeling and what made them fall in love with the gown. Just trying it on again will reassure you. Since there are no returns, exchanges, or refunds some brides will just sell it if they choose not wear it.

14. How do I store my dress before the wedding? Many salons will store the gown for you. This is complimentary for Simply Elegant brides. If your salon does not offer this service, keep it in it’s garment bag away from sunlight and animals.

15. How do I press my gown? Many salons will also offer this service. At Simply Elegant Bridal this service is complimentary for their brides the week of the wedding. If your bridal salon does not you can call around to different stores, and try dry cleaners.

16. What do I do with my gown after the wedding? Most brides will preserve their wedding gown. Simply Elegant uses Wedding Gown Preservation Company, brides can buy the kits directly from the store. Dry Cleaners will also have similar services, just make sure it is a reputable place before leaving your gown.